This section includes quotes made by critics, reviewers, and contemporaries regarding CHRIS YAMBAR, his work, and his philosophy of life. They are printed from most recent to the earliest. Enter at your own risk!

"CHRIS YAMBAR KNOWS HOW TO GET THINGS DONE!" - Gene Simmons, Legendary KISS Bass Player.(Overheard in NYC in 2005)

"A highly successful pop artist, publisher, and comics creator, he easily strides across the "GREAT DEVIDE" between indy and mainstream publishers. He makes this feat look quite simple, continuing to publish his own creations independently despite the fact that he's 'made it' and become a regular contributor to one of the most widely recognized brand names in the entertainment world - THE SIMPSONS. Add in a seriously wild and devilishly clever sense of humor, an entrepreneurial drive that would give HORATIO ALGER an inferiority complex, and a bottomless reserve of well-crafted, creative ideas and you've only begun to scratch the surface of CHRIS YAMBAR - the man with a talent of frightening proportions." - BAKER'S DOZEN-WORLD'S FAMOUS COMICS (Aug. 2003)

"YAMBAR'S dry understated humor (on SPELLS) will have appeal for fans of his work on Bongo's BART SIMPSON COMICS but will probably be more warmly welcomed by fans of his self published series, MR. BEAT...a refreshing change from the usual gothic supernatural horror that's sure to be on the stands around the same time. Go ahead, buy a copy; it won't bite." - COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1508 (Oct.2002)

“Is there a better compliment than having someone whose work you greatly admire tell you that he likes your work and even wants you to work for him? Maybe, but if you’re Youngstown comic book creator CHRIS YAMBAR, and the guy you admire is THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING, a better compliment may not exist.” - Jeff Robinson (Ohio Magazine. 2001)

“YAMBAR’s MR.BEAT is like a force of nature! The character’s a modern icon. He’s one of the most original characters in decades. YAMBAR’s humor is highbrow, smart, and downright sarcastic in all the right places.” - (Comic Shop News. 2000)

“CHRIS is the poster boy for over achievement in the arts.” - Tony Isabella (Comics Buyers Guide #1362.1999)

“CHRIS YAMBAR has aggressively and tirelessly worked to build bridges between the arts and the mainstream public and has done so as both an artist and a promoter of the arts... With all this in mind, it seems remarkable to me that he still finds time to speak in schools, teach drawing to young students, and demonstrate his painting disciplines in front of live audiences on a regular basis. He has also generously donated his artwork and organized fundraisers for our local Rescue Mission, school system, and HIV-positive community. In 1996, the city of Youngstown presented CHRIS with a special proclamation for his efforts during our Bicentennial Celebration. His ‘blue collar work ethic’ is exciting and challenging to all of us.” - Robert Kurtz ( Artist Archives Of The Western Reserve. 2001)

“In the new exhibit IDOLS AND IMAGES, (JANET) MACOSKA collaborates with neo-pop artist CHRIS YAMBAR for a rock and roll collection that features her black and white concert portraits of artists such as MADONNA, SPRINGSTEEN, BOWIE, TINA TURNER, and MICHAEL JACKSON. YAMBAR then takes these same images and transforms them...full of bright colors and visuals into a POP EXPLOSION. Fun stuff...” - (Free Times.1999)

“(CHRIS) has a very blue collar work ethic that I like. If left to his own devices, he can churn out hundreds of paintings a year just because he is inspired about something... Through his color choices, CHRIS has made the (photographic) image, which was already a strong shot, even more powerful. He has also given me the opportunity to see my work in a whole new light, and has given it an entirely new life.” - Janet Macoska (World class rock photographer. Cleveland.1999)

“If CHRIS YAMBAR ever gets tired of art he can always become a spokesman for used cars.” - (Cleveland Plain Dealer. 1999)

“CHRIS YAMBAR bestrides the US art scene like a benevolent multi-armed colossus. His work is characterized by a deep love of pop culture, beat literature, outrageous humor, philosophy and his belief in the altruistic power of comics.” - Kevin McCaighy (Salt magazine #2. UK. 1999)

“Not too many artists become celebrities today but CHRIS YAMBAR is the exception.” - Autograph Times (June 1999)

“The BEAT goes on. CHRIS YAMBAR, artist and creator of the irreverent MR.BEAT comic will pull into town for a gig at PICASSO’S, above the BULLFROG BREWERY to help celebrate the grand opening of the area’s newest coffeehouse ... Intelligent fans with deep pockets usually catch YAMBAR when he takes MR.BEAT on the road, stopping to dig the scene at coffeehouses or breweries from Florida to New York to California.” - Robin Van Auken (Sun-Gazette. 1998)

“His name is MR.BEAT and in a world dominated by mutant superheroes, he’s just what the doctor ordered!” - Nicole Tanner (The Jambar newspaper. 1997)

“JACK KEROUAC, move over... If you’re a fan of caffeine, folk, hip hop, humor, jazz, psychedelia, poetry, pop, or experimental music, you’ll enjoy (the MR.BEAT EXPERIENCE).” - Slippery Rock University (with regards to an upcoming live MR.BEAT performance. 1997)

“CHRIS YAMBAR paints like a demon drunk on Day-Glo Kool Aid cocktails.” - (Free Times.1997)

“CHRIS YAMBAR IS A ONE-MAN ART FACTORY.” - Christina Hynes (Scene Magazine headline. 1997)

“Even addicts need heroes. Enter, MR.BEAT, the comic creation whose mantra, ‘WILL CONFORM FOR COFFEE! ’ just about sums it up for millions of coffee lovers... a rare and fabulous find...” - (The Coffee Journal.1997)

“... CHRIS YAMBAR mixes his blue collar work ethic with an edgy and powerful personal artistic style... Hard working and prolific...’ - (Town Crier newspaper. 1997)

“Of all the books to emerge from the independent comic scene during the latter half of the 1990's, almost none have had the overall impact and overnight cult status of CHRIS YAMBAR’s MR.BEAT... YAMBAR has fast become one of the biggest voices in independent comics and one that doesn’t plan to grow any quieter in the near future.” - Tim Corrigan (Small Press Comics Explosion. 1997)

“At the latest opening (THE CHRIS YAMBAR EXPERIENCE) young people in jeans and T-shirts, professionals in tailored suits, and middle aged folks in cleaned up work clothes all crowded the main exhibition space at the (VINE STREET) gallery, sipping Rockin’ Rye soda from cans and munching on Trix cereal from individual serving size boxes - the perfect accompaniment to the artwork on display. What kid at heart wouldn’t be in heaven munching on the colorful cereal and drinking soda pop surrounded by larger than life images of the PINK PANTHER, BATMAN, MINNIE MOUSE and other comic book heros? In the next room, the gallery manager carefully maneuvered a ladder through a group of 30-somethings engaged in a lively game of ‘name that character’ as they pointed to each of the 200 or so cartoon character portraits covering the walls. Luckily, they had already identified the three the gallery manager removed - sold to a serious looking couple somewhat removed from the laughter and music surrounding them. Not everyone who buys YAMBAR’s paintings collects his work for the fun of it. Some pieces have increased more than ten fold in less than a decade, prompting purchases by a number of investors.” - Maraline Kubik (Northern Ohio Live magazine. 1997)

“Thing is, (MR.BEAT’s) adventures are actually clever and at times laugh-out-loud funny. And YAMBAR is able to accomplish this while poking fun at comics themselves in the process.” - (Overstreet’s Fan magazine. 1997)

“CHRIS YAMBAR’s ANTI-MATION FESTIVAL ROCKED, his nerve exceeds mine tremendously, and for that he deserves three cheers.” - Rachel Beyer (Kamikaze magazine. 1996)

“If, as some critics maintain, art’s purpose is to subvert conventional culture and mock its icons, CHRIS YAMBAR may be the most important artist since ANDY WARHOL painted his soup cans. Either that or he’s one of the funniest guys to ever wield a paintbrush.” - (Rage magazine. 1996)

“(CHRIS) seems to embody the spirit and fun of pop culture artwork...” - Stan Lee (Marvel Comics. 1996)

“CHRIS YAMBAR’s ANTI-MATION FESTIVAL is a collection of original, limited edition, faux animation cels that are definitely for the open minded... YAMBAR manipulates images of superheroes, television (cartoon) stars, and characters from movies and newspapers to present his thoughts in ways that are anything but politically correct.” - (The Jambar newspaper.1995)

“CHRIS is enormously talented and has produced work which I feel extends the rich tradition of that brand of painting inspired by the American popular culture. His work, though ‘neo-pop’ in character has a uniqueness that has had great appeal beyond the expected audiences. He possesses a fertile imagination which combined with outstanding skills has created remarkable paintings that are dynamic in both style and substance. I feel strongly that CHRIS YAMBAR has the potential to make a major contribution to painting in American and will indeed carry the banner created by such artists as ANDY WARHOL and PETER MAX decades ago.” - Dr. Louis Zona (Director of The Butler Institute of American Art. 1995)

“Today we received something quite amazing via Federal Express - a 2' by 4' portrait of GEORGE REEVES as television’s SUPERMAN ! What is even more amazing, the painting was donated by the artist, CHRIS YAMBAR, for ECLIPSE COMICS to sell to help raise money to defray the costs of producing TRUE CRIME COMICS SPECIAL #1: THE DEATH OF GEORGE REEVES in color !... CHRIS is also a dedicated fan of REEVES. Like us, he feels that the wrongful attribution of REEVES death to ‘suicide’ has clouded the memory of a good man. Like us, he is willing to put his beliefs on the line - and he painted this portrait for us to sell at the San Diego Comicon, as his contribution to the cause...” - Cat Yronwode (Comics Buyers Guide #1032. 1993)

“Have you ever wondered what CHARLIE BROWN looks like nude? ...CHRIS YAMBAR has done the unthinkable... Cartoon characters plucked from the pages of any Sunday comics page stand before the viewer completely naked. More silly than actually offensive, the characters are meant both to be funny and to spark a response in the viewer... Without being vulgar, the artist simply presents the characters in their normal environments and without exaggeration. Some viewers simply aren’t sure how to respond.” - Heather Irwin (Vindicator. 1992)

“CHRIS YAMBAR’s WEIRD OUTTAKES (recording) gets my vote as one of the most interesting and significant releases in the real underground in some time... This content and import has been sorely missing in nearly all Christian music released in the last 5 years. Kudos! Truly this is a fascinating look into the life and background of a veritable Christian Underground legend.” - (The Obligator. 1991 music review)

“Many thanks for your very dynamic presentation. The kids all loved you and several students are already using your ‘splatter’ technique in their works. You were terrific!” - Al Lucente (Mahoning County Joint Vocational School commercial art teacher. 1991)

“The audience was spellbound by your presentation... we all went away feeling good about our town and good about what we could achieve. You have many new fans as a result of your appearance and I’m one of the most grateful.” - Carol Prelog (Summer Arts Program. 1989)

“By abandoning the original color scheme, (CHRIS) creates the illusion of depth and movement with what he terms a ‘neon-layer effect’ by use of wild, vibrant eye-catching colors. The paints used in the laying are acrylic, metallic and aerosol. The artist employs not the standard airbrush technique, but ordinary spray paint in his work... Obviously an artist who enjoys his work, YAMBAR said he’s doing exactly what makes him happy: creating and exhibiting art for all to see.” - Patricia Mead-Pugh ( Boardman Leader. 1989)

“...quite exotic...each painting has a life of its own...” - ( The Rain magazine. 1989)

“These are not uncompromising copies of BATMAN art but are more or less interpretations or impressions of the original. This is an artistic prerogative - witness the ROY LIECHTENSTEIN’S retakes of the comics or ANDY WARHOL’s copies of soup can labels. There is not only technical action from YAMBAR’s fast brush but smooth airbrush effects soften any coarseness. He has also borrowed JACKSON POLLOCK’s splatters and dribbles to add textural effects. MR.YAMBAR is clever, to say the least, performing the rites of pop art to a fever pitch...” - Clyde Singer ( World of Art. 1989)

“Does not work well with others.” - Miss Hlasta (2nd Grade teacher. Holy Name School. 1969)



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